Bio-Fuel Use Crucial

Growing plants clean the air | taught by Jeffre Lindow

Course description

This is an informative course that explains what bio-Fuels are, How someone can start substituting them for fossil fuels, And why it is crucial  to improve the quality of the air, the Earth and the water.

Jeffre Lindow
Jeffre Lindow
Green Energy Advocate

Jeff has been advocating, making and using renewable bio-fuels starting in 1972. He and his wife Marcia have sold and installed woodburning heating and chimney systems and are now focused on ethanol fueled transportation. They have displayed and lectured about bio-fuels at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association's Energy Fair in Custer WI, and St Paul MN. And at the Green Drive in Madison WI.

Course Curriculum

What are bio-fuels? The logic of Green
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